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Hi All,

I have created a field merge using a custom object with a name as 'EVT_TicketCampaign_Conflocation' however when I am adding this field merge it comes as 'EVT_TicketCampaign_ConfName___copy11', can anyone tell me why so? why is it not the same as the name I have entered in the field merge? why do we get a different name upon selection?

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  • Codrin Teiu
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    It's because the name you added is a display name and Eloqua assigned it an unique HTML name. The forms are amongst the fewassets where you can assign both a display and HTML name yourself, field merges are not. You might have the copy part of it if you created this field merge by copying an existing one.

  • I would never recommend copying a field merge, ever.

    when you copy a fieldmerge it will instantly receive the same name as the original with copy or something similar at the end.

    imagine this:

    • field firstname with html name firstname

    we copy the firstname field and change it to lastname:

    • field lastname with htmlname firstname_copy

    if you now make an email you see this:

    • Dear firstname firstname_copy

    i would avoid copying field merges at all costs to avoid this