Oracle Eloqua Insight Tips: How to use Insight Agents for Automated Reporting

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Are you fully utilizing the new Oracle Eloqua Insight powered by OBIEE? Have you ever created your own custom analyses and dashboards? If not, you are in the right place.

Insight provides you with a single place to analyze data from across Oracle Eloqua. Insight includes many out-of-the-box analyses that can help you monitor the performance of your marketing programs and review your Oracle Eloqua data.

To be able to schedule reports in Eloqua Insight, your Eloqua User must have the advanced reporting (Eloqua Analyzer) license. For that, you need your Customer Administrator in your Eloqua instance to check off the “Eloqua Analyzer” option in the user settings.

What are Agents?

Agents use automation to trigger the delivery of information to others, such as sending weekly reports to subscribers or notifying the individuals depending on the results of a report. Agents can perform tasks such as sending reports directly to your inbox on a set schedule.

Tip: If you configure your Insight agent to send results in an email, it is best practice to include your name in the email body.

Watch the video to learn how to schedule Agents and send them directly to your inbox!

Additional information can be found in our Oracle Eloqua Help Center!

Happy reporting!

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