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Thank you for your continuous support as part of the Oracle Topliners Community! Our goal for the Topliners community is to cultivate an environment for you to learn, engage, and network amongst your industry peers and the Oracle team and we’re working to continuously evolve the experience for you.

Groups to Categories Migration:

We’re excited to share that we’ve moved our Topliners Insiders Groups and all of their existing content to new, open product Categories - no more requesting access to see the content! As the Insiders Groups were intended only for customers and partners, now everyone in Topliners can share content, ask questions, and network across the broader Oracle Marketing ecosystem.

These changes are seamless within Topliners, and you’ll now be able to subscribe to each relevant Category to be automatically alerted of new discussions.

Check out the new Categories and start exploring today:

What does this mean for you?

  1. All posts in the Insiders Groups are migrated and redirected to their respective product categories and are accessible today.
  2. With the open product Categories, you can interact with the broader Oracle ecosystem to share content, ask questions, and network.
  3. You can opt to follow your favourite Categories and can subscribe to get alerts or email notifications when new discussions, comments, or updates are posted.

Do you need to do anything?

There’s nothing to do on your end! The move has already taken place in the backend. To receive the latest updates via email, follow the new Categories as per your preferences.

You can always adjust your settings either directly in the Category or under your Notification Preferences. Click on "more preferences" to opt-in for category-specific emails.

How do I navigate to the new Categories?

To navigate to the new Categories, under the main navigation, select “Categories” and scroll down to access the product Category. 

What will happen to all the posts in the Insiders Group?

All the posts in the Insiders Group will be migrated and redirected to the new Product Category – this is seamless and will not affect the URL. Moving forward, you can now post questions or discussions in the new Categories.

Additional Enhancements:

1. Leaderboard: 

We’ve released new Champion Levels, Badges and customized email templates to announce your progress, and rewards points as part of the enhanced Leaderboard. Access them under “Categories” on Topliners homepage.

2. Dream it (Idea lab): Quick access to the idea submission space - to create a free-thinking environment for our users. Submit your ideas on Oracle Marketing Product features. Access it under “Categories” on Topliners’ homepage. 

3. Community Activity Feed: Get a view of “Most-Viewed” discussion posts, “Announcements”, and “Resolved” as separate content pillars on Topliners’ revamped homepage.

4. Upcoming Events Feed: A collection of upcoming events to explore and learn more about Oracle Marketing Products. Access the feed right on Topliners’ homepage.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them below. 

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