Account Linkage via Match Rule No Longer Available?

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I have a use case for leveraging a Match Rule based Account Linkage strategy (for a certain period of time) before transitioning to system-level linkage. However, the option does not appear to be present in the Handler Set anymore. I've checked some instances and have only found one that has this option (it was already configured). Was it removed or am I missing a step? My Match Rule is between Contacts and Companies.




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    Hi Jessenobbe

    Thank you for reaching out to the community forum with your question.

    Hoping you have found the solution. Would you mind posting the answers on the topliners to benefit other users and customers if you found the answer?

    If you are still looking for a solution for that, I discussed this with the team about this question today, and we need more information. We agreed it would be best to submit SR with all the details so that support could take a look and escalate to development if required.

    If you would like to continue the discussion here, please feel free to post your comment or feedback.

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    Hi @Sachin Jain-Oracle,

    We've decided to enable account linkage in this case and populate the ID field using a lookup table. I don't belive I would have approval to open a ticket at this juncture.