Make web data lookups that do not use the cookie ID independent of the cookie

When you create a web data lookup to a CDO for example and you use 'event id' as a unique key for the lookup it still relies on the Eloqua cookie to be present before it can actually work.

An example use case:

  • Event page on the website with a form, they want to limit the number of people that can submit (or select a specific option,,,,)

In this scenario I would like to make a CDO 'Event Limits' with field 'Event ID', 'Number of attendees allowed', 'Number of attendees currently'.

Whenever someone submits the form we will write to this limit option and increase the number of attendees allowed.

On the website form we would execute a Web Data Lookup to the Event Limits CDO with Event ID as a key and do a check to see if the number attended = number allowed and provide a front-end error message to say the event is full (or maybe even just hide the content on load and provide a message that the event is full).

We tried this solution and it worked but when you have cookie blockers or other plugins the lookup did not work. I don't see how the cookie or anything that an adblocker would block is relevant in this case, the Web Data Lookup should be made independent of this and provide a more reliable option for these use-cases.

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