More flexible default asset permissions

Setting up and managing default asset permissions for existing implementions is a nightmare for larger organisations.

If you have several custom security groups you need to go in and configure all the sharing for each individual asset type and for each individual group.

I understand why this is needed but to go through the interface step by step for a large implementation is tedious and error prone. To make matters worse you need to do it on sandbox and production.

There should be some additional basic features:

  • An API endpoint to manage the groups
  • The ability to make the mapping for default asset permissions in Excel or elsewhere and upload them
  • The ability to manage re-assignment of security on existing assets when you make changes to the groups months/years after implementation

If you drastically change your sharing model today it is a huge challenge to align old assets to the new model. Maybe the whole idea of using default asset permissions that get assigned on creation is outdated should be revised into a more dynamic model where you can make drastic changes later on.

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