Provide a native component to make html tables with linked cdo records

There are apps that provide this feature but it should really come out of the box.

There should be an easy way to add a 'repeat' component on an email, select a CDO and some filters (like top 3 records matching filter x y z) and then generate a table with the overview.

This feature is provided by default by more b2c oriented tools but I see a lot of use cases in eloqua as well. The only workaround I found was to make a dynamic content per option with a blank default rule. When the email is sent it will show the ones that match and not show the ones that don't giving you somewhat this feature without the need for an app.

Example use case : event invite from event in crm.

In a perfect world you have a section 'speakers' in your mail where you filter on event attendees type 'speaker' and it lists the info of each speaker record with field merges and a 'repeat' element.

The component should be able to filter on linked records by matching an id or via manual mapping where you provide things like filter on event id = a and type = speaker to provide maximum functionality.

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