Allow dynamic content in a footer

It is currently already possible to add dynamic content in a footer by changing the tags and code but it's not natively available in the system.

There should be an easy way to add dynamic content in a footer. Perhaps this is a chance to even expand a bit on the feature.

The problem I run into is if you make a 27 language footer based on contact language and send an English email it looks weird to get a footer in a different language. The user always has to switch to a fixed English footer.

It would be great if you could add dynamic content in a footer but also allow the creator of a mail to somehow say he needs the English version for everyone without having to use a different footer.

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    Just make the 'default' version of the dynamic content in English.

  • That unfortunaly still does not work because you send an English email to someone who has language 'nl' they will get the NL footer even if the English one is default.

  • The only way this works today is by duplicating every email group and having one 'english' and 'customer langauge' variant that each add a different footer, it works but it's not ideal.

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    So you actually WANT to send an email/footer to someone in English, even if you know that they may not understand it - as their language is set to something else like Dutch?

    If that is the case, then surely it’s really easy to just have an English only footer - it only takes a second or two to select the footer in the email settings…

  • That is indeed the current way of working but in Global/EMEA environments (let's say 27 countries) each variation of english could still be different (different unsubscribe link parameters, different address, different disclaimer,...)

    • 1 multilanguage footer with dynamic content
    • 1 english footer for every country
    • 1 'local language' footer for every country (in case you email is only in dutch and you want to make sure the footer is also in dutch for everyone (imagine people with no language field that you know are dutch speakers)

    My preferred approach is:

    • Make 1 multilanguage footer with dynamic content and add it to every email
    • After the user selects his email group there should be a setting on the dynamic content/footer to say 'Always use dynamic content rule X'

    So if a user in Spain wants to send an English mail to his Spanish speaking target audience:

    • Create email in English
    • Select the 'standard' email group, footer gets added
    • Change the picklist value (doesn't exist) to say Always use Dynamic Content variant "Spanish EN"

    I know it's all possible today but it relies on many footers to exist, customers to know what they are doing, ...

    The concept is very much the same as now where you have to select a different footer, it just makes a bit more sense to centralise it like this and not have to deal with so many different footers.

  • This also only covers English, I have also seen scenario's where for example in Switzerland they have 3 languages and in some cases they communicate to all customers in just 1 language, it would be great if they could just hard select their 'DE' variant for the mail rather than having to foresee a specific German CH footer to select.

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    Change the picklist value (doesn't exist) to say Always use Dynamic Content variant "Spanish EN"

    That simple picklist kind of does already exist... :-)

    That is a slightly tongue in cheek reply - but the picklist you're describing would be essentially the same as the Email footer picklist - and both would essentially achieve the same thing.

    I would be tempted to check with your legal team on the process of sending emails/footers to contacts in a language that they may not understand - if the footers contain legally required disclaimers - then they are essentially not present if they are in a language other than the contacts selected language...

  • The picklist exists but it checks for footers that you need to pre-create in all different variations with duplicate content of what you already have in your dynamic content variant.

    The picklist i'm suggesting would use the dynamic content variation meaning you only need to manage your footer per language once (in the dynamic content). In the current scenario you need to put your footer in the multilanguage dynamic content + duplicate it in different footers.

    I understand it's a nice to have for certain situations. In my perfect world when a customer selects a footer/email group that contains dynamic content he gets like a prompt or added menu to say 'use dynamic content or set fixed variant with picklist of variations'. This way users would always be forced to think about their footer, it would not be the first time I see emails with a different language footer because the user didn't think to change the footer to a fixed language version and his testing contact's language just happened to have the correct language for the mail during testing so he didn't see it.

    As for the legal aspect this is something I leave up to the customer, my client's are global enterprises typically in a pharma world so all their material and audience is triple checked by legal teams, when they set a fixed variant they are 100% sure the customer understands that language even if their CRM language is different.

    Anyway the main request in this Idea is to get a native feature to add dynamic content to footers (even though it's possible today with a workaround), the picklist/pop-up to set a default would just be a great nice to have on top of that.