How to embed an external Form into Eloqua email only?

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How to embed an external Form into Eloqua email only? There is no business need for data integration with Eloqua due to customer data principles. Take an example, there is a webinar register form. Just use Eloqua email to spead the form and to get more registrition. HTML email for this? any practice for reference? And any side impact on email performance, like delivered rate dropping? Thank you.



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    From an email standpoint, forms in emails are problematic.

    Support for form functionality is extreamly limited across email service providers.

    Best practice is to do a blind form submt and forward the individul to a prepopulated landingpage with a form.

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    Hi @Xing Mei-Oracle ,

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    I have reviewed the question and found this link; here you will find what Litmus says about Interactive form in emails:


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    @Sachin Jain-Oracle - while that article is useful, it does not state whether or not you could embed a form into an Eloqua email, and have that form submit properly (assuming the email is opened in an client which supports form submissions). Can you confirm if Eloqua supports a GET method for forms? If you review a form HTML is coded with POST, which has very limited support per Litmus.

    @ppilotti Blind forms is a good shout, as long as there is no need to acquire more information that you already have on record. However, unless you code a repost on the receiving form it will not work to register a prospect to a webinar as is the initial suggested use case. And it still sends data to Eloqua - which the OP seemed to want to avoid.

    @Xing Mei-Oracle - we would regularly send emails to prospects with direct links to webinar platforms, allowing them to register directly on those platforms. If you have nothing coming back into Eloqua though it means you are not scoring the leads on the registrations, reg page visits etc, and unless you have an integration back to Eloqua, you do not get any info on registrations or attendance either. So that's fine for non-lead-generating activities but may not work for lead gen applications. If you're webinar platform supports external registration via the GET method then you should implement a form in your email that will work as per the limitations in the Litmus article shared above. If they only support POST, support is more limited. I have managed to implement a successful test of a form embedded in an Eloqua email - but using POST method, and only working from Outlook for IOS... it did not work in Apple Mail on Chrome, iOS Mail or in Outlook.com or Outlook client.