CDO Cleanup: Are there any Best Practices To Follow ?

Hi Team,

I had a question regarding managing the CDO's in Eloqua.

There is CDO Cleanup which has to be undertaken in my account. 

The account supports multiple regions and care should be taken while making the cleanup so that it doesn't affect any data within the CDO's.

As for the Cleanup is concerned, below are few steps which has to be taken care during the cleanup :

1. Need to identify and delete CDO' which have 0 records or CDO's which are no more used.

2. Make a CDO which is specific to a single region to a global one so that a single CDO can handle multiple regions.

3. All the assets which are dependent on the CDO's aren't affected during this cleanup.

Can anyone suggest me if there are any Best Practices to do the cleanup by making sure the above points are covered.