Product Notice: Data Retention to be applied to form submission data in Insight [Aug 2022]

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With the Eloqua 22C release (Aug 2022), Eloqua will being enforcing a 25-month data retention policy for form submission data within Eloqua Insight.

What’s changing?

After the Eloqua 22C release (Aug 2022), Eloqua will enforce the 25-month data retention policy to the form submission data within Eloqua Insight. Form submission data is the raw form data captured when a user submits a form. This change applies to Insight only and it does not impact form metrics (activities and rates).

This means that, after Eloqua 22C arrives, you will only be able to report on 25 month’s worth of form submission data in Insight.

Form submission activities and form metrics found in additional subject areas will not be impacted by this change. Examples of form activities and metrics include: Total Form Submissions, Form Submission Rate, Total Form Fields.

Example of a Form Submission Data report in Insight:

Why are we making this change?

This new retention to Insight form submission data will help us continue to meet the performance demands across our entire platform, provide consistency for data retention applied to activity data, and help reduce the time of our scheduled maintenance windows.


This change takes effect with the arrival of Eloqua 22C release (August 2022). Please check the Eloqua Release Center for specific dates and times.


Next Steps

No action required. Note: if you would like to retain the raw form submission data that is older than 25 months, you will need to export it prior to the arrival of Eloqua 22C release.


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Q: What if I would like to keep raw form submission data for longer than 25 months?

A: If you wish to export form submission data beyond the previous 25 months, you can leverage Insight to create exports or use the BULK API to export form submission data. Note: you will need to do so prior to the arrival of the 22C Release (August 2022). Additionally, you may want to update forms with processing steps that will store form submission data to a contact field or an external source. More on processing steps here.



Q: What was the previous retention policy on form submission data in Insight?

A: Several areas of the Eloqua application have already had data retention applied, see here for more information. As of Eloqua 22C, we will now be applying it form submission data held in Eloqua Insight.


Q: Can I buy more historical storage?

A: No, not at this time. If you would like to maintain/capture your form submission data beyond 25 months, we recommend you export the data and host it locally in your preferred method (such as a data warehouse).


Q: Can I opt-out of the retention policy?

A: No, this policy will apply to all customers and trims of Oracle Eloqua. These changes are being made to continue to meet the performance demands for our ever-growing customer base and reduce the time of our scheduled maintenance windows.


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