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If I am utilizing say an Opt-In field which is mapped to say SFDC Instance #1 , can I use the Opt-in field in the same Eloqua instance into SFDC Instance #2 ? And if so, what , if any , would be the consequence to the first SFDC instance I have it mapped to?

We're talking here one Eloqua instance field mapped to two SFDC instances.


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    HI User_YZHGG,

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    Integrating 2 SFDC’s into 1 Eloqua can be very tricky and not officially supported as there are several gotchas and limitations. Here a few of the gotchas that we are aware of - 

    - Data Priority, if there is a contact in both instances with the same email address - Which one takes priority in Eloqua? they would need to develop a business process around this.

    - Activity Logging - may be problematic, they may want to use profiler instead, but if there is contact overlap this also might be problematic as well

    - Campaign Integration can only be tied to one instance. Because we can only store 1 campaign id on the campaign object and the brief case step can only pull from that field

    - Only 1 schema can be persisted in the field mapping screen. Both SFDC instances should have the schema, otherwise making changes will be problematic.

    - Company Linkage can only support 1 CRM (that is because the account linkage goes off 1 field)

    - Multiple CRM Lead Management flows would need to be created

    Support KB article: https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/SearchDocDisplay?_adf.ctrl-state=2in8m1u8o_4&_afrLoop=250214824109627#FIX

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