Eloqua's Tip Tuesday: Adding a '+1' to your email address for easier testing!

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Welcome our “Tip Tuesday” post for Eloqua! Each week we'll post interesting tips and tricks for Eloqua users, on Tuesdays. This week's tip has been submitted by one our Eloqua Product Managers, @Tracy Traeger-Oracle. To see more Tip Tuesday posts, head here.

Did you know that you may be able to add a +1 to your email address to make it easier to do your Eloqua testing?

You can make testing easier by cloning yourself! *(* actual cloning of your DNA not required)This is one of @Tracy Traeger-Oracle's favorite tricks, but first we need to see if it will work for you.

Many email exchange servers will allow you to add +1 to your email address to effectively generate another email address for yourself. Note: Your results may vary, depending on how your company’s email exchange servers are set up.

Let’s see if this will work for you!

  1. Send yourself a quick email – use your email address and add +1 at the end (for example: [email protected]yourdomain.com) to see if this works.
  2. If you get that email, then manually add that +1 contact in Eloqua and send yourself an Eloqua test email to make sure it gets sent to you as well.
  3. If it does, then BINGO this trick is for you! ?

Next, you can clone yourself to create a little family of test records – Tracy has about 30 Tracys in her internal Eloqua instance. It’s very helpful when you need to test personalization, decision paths, and all sorts of things. All of the messages will come to your single inbox, and if you personalize them in a clever way, you can easily manage each test scenario.

First, let’s get your family of test records set up to import. You’ll notice she added a few columns to a spreadsheet, making sure that for each family member (aka test accounts), the first name and last name also have the appropriate number in the field:

For the Base, First, and Last name fields, she’s simply typed the first one “Tracy+1” and dragged the column to populate the sequential numbers. For email, she did a simple concatenate to populate that column. Hopefully this all makes sense, but it if doesn’t, now you know how to reach her ?

Then upload that file into Eloqua (omitting the Base Email field, which is not needed in Eloqua). When you test your campaign logic, you can include your whole Family of clones in a segment, and then add the First Name field merge into the subject line. Look how easy this is – now you can act on each email separately depending on what you’re testing!

Not only does this simplify testing, but you don't need to include these new family members at holidays, and they'll never ask you to borrow money ?.


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