Eloqua Insight (OBIEE) Tips: Working with Briefing books

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If your organization licensed Oracle BI Briefing Books, you can store a static snapshot of dashboard pages or individual requests in one or more briefing books.

Do you know what Briefing Books are?

A briefing book is a collection of static or updatable snapshots of dashboard pages and individual analyses.

For example, you can add the contents of the Regional Revenue analysis to a briefing book each quarter. This process enables you to review quarterly snapshots of the data.

How can we create them? 

  1. Navigate to a dashboard in Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards and then perform one of the following actions:
  • Click the Add to Briefing Book button, located near the bottom of the dashboard page. NOTE:  This button is not available on an empty dashboard page.
  • Click the Add to Briefing Book link that appears with an individual request on the dashboard.
  • The Save Briefing Book Content page appears.

2.      Click the following button:

  • Create New Briefing Book
  • The Create New Briefing Book page appears.

3.      Type a name and a description for the briefing book, and then save the briefing book.

  • The briefing book appears in the Current Briefing Books list on the Save Briefing Book Content page.

4.      Click the Cancel button to return to Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards.

  • This creates an empty briefing book. The briefing book folder appears in the selection pane in Oracle BI Answers and Oracle BI Delivers.

5.      To add additional briefing books, click the Add to Briefing Book link or button, and then create them using the preceding steps.

Congratulations! You have just created your first briefing book! Are you ready to add some content to it? Find out more here.

Once you add content, you can then download and share briefing books for viewing offline. Briefing books and their content can be updated, scheduled, and delivered using Oracle BI Delivers.

Please note: All saved briefing books are accessible under My Briefing Books, which is present under the Oracle BI Answers Catalog section.

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