Email Architecture diagram in Eloqua

One of my customers implementing Eloqua is looking for Email Architecture Diagram. This is for security compliance before implementation. Any advice?

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    Hi @Nitesh Srivastava-Oracle

    Thank you for reaching out to the community forum with your question.

    Can you please help us with the context associated with this request so that we can check if we could be able to provide these details?

    Meanwhile, please go through Eloqua help Center Links to learn more about Global email defaults, Email Authentication Setup, What are Virtual MTAs? and Transport Layer Security (TLS).

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  • Thanks for your response.

    We have shared the B&D workbook with the Customer team for the configuration of sub-domains. And the customer security team is asking the below questions to create the sub-domains. 

    1.           Which mailbox will be used for email communication? Oracle or SABIC

    2.           If it’s using the oracle mailbox, is there any way to use the customer mailbox

    3.           We need an Eloqua Low-Level Design and NW diagram with ports, protocols, data flow, etc. And Mail solution documentation