Multilanuage Usage in Eloqua

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We are currently facing the issue that one of our clients in Switzerland needs Eloqua to be setup in three different languages, as they have employees working in German, French and Italian. According to the Eloqua Documentation several languages are supported. Based on this information our customer chose Eloqua.

As we understood, the language in Eloqua is determined by the browser settings, which works fine so far. Unfortunately, it doesn't mention anywhere in the documentation that only the standard fields in Eloqua are translated.

The issue though is, that it is not possible to use custom fields and custom picklists as they are not being translated when changing the language. But using custom fields and custom picklists is absolutely necessary for our customer to guarantee a high level of usability.

Unfortunately, there is no option to translate custom fields like in other system (e.g. Fusion).

Adding the possibility to translate custom fields and lists either in Eloqua is a crucial feature for our client. Otherwise they will not be able to use Eloqua.

Therefore we kindly ask to implement either the option to enter translations for custom fields/picklists or to add the functionality that they are also automatically translated, determined by the browser language.

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  • We need that too!

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    Dear Rebecca,

    I totally agree.

    Extending your description - it would be much appreciated if users could select the UI language in their profile instead of the browser language. Furthermore, system notification, formula sumbission notification, etc. should be send out in the selected profile language.

    Eloqua is such a great tool, however, many clients in more traditional/conservative countries in Europe are heavily disappointed by lack of actual language-support including translation and customization possiblities. 

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  • That is an excellent idea! 

    Especially companies that work with international customers and use Oracle Eloqua in different languages benefit from this use. Many companies work in different industries where custom fields and custom picklists also exist and differ from the standard version. The more important it is to use Oracle Eloqua in different languages.

    The multilingualism in Oracle Eloqua is necessary to guarantee employees in different countries the possibility to work with custom fields in their own language. It would be appreciated to embed this feature in the settings.

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  • It should also extend to forms, making multi language forms today requires either custom scripting or duplicating forms which is far from ideal for customers in belgium, switzerland or even just international companies that share a form.

  • Great idea! 

    It is absolutely necessary to provide customers with the possibility to easily change the language of the user interface, including the nominations of customfields, picklists, submissions, etc.  

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    For a political organization, to support all national languages is absolutely crucial. Great Idea! We need this features.

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    Program Manager Unia

  • We work multilingually in the organization. We absolutely need this function.

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    A 1st class application like Eloqua must allow users to work in different languages – this is an absolute must in our multilingual world!