Eloqua's Tip Tuesday: Using Bulk Edit Field functionality to update 50,000 records in seconds!

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Welcome our “Tip Tuesday” post for Eloqua! Each week we post interesting tips and tricks for Eloqua users, on Tuesdays. To see more Tip Tuesday posts, head here.

This week’s tip is from @Piotr Sito who works at Sojourn Solutions. Piotr wanted to share with you a super useful tip on how to use Bulk Edit Field functionality within Eloqua as he finds extremely handy.

Did you know that you can use Eloqua's Bulk Edit Field functionality to update up-to 50,000 records in seconds?

There are multiple ways to clean/update contact data in Eloqua including Contact Washing Machine app or available Data Tools. If you are a technical resource for your marketing team you may know how to configure the Contact Washing Machine app conditions and actions or how to transform data using Update Rules, Lookup Tables, Validation Rules etc but Piotr has a tip for you that can update up to 50,000 records in bulk in just seconds!

To keep your contact records accurate and up-to-date, Eloqua allows you to edit individual contact records by adding, removing or changing information of an individual contact record but also allows you to Bulk Edit Contact Field Population Details. Using Bulk Edit Field functionality, you can update up to 50 000 records in bulk, just in seconds!

Example use case: Let's imagine you have an Eloqua Form on your website with a standard set of contact fields, where your customers can provide information about their Country but you forgot to insert a drop-down list from which customers could select one, standard option. Instead, they were allowed to manually type in the Country value which resulted in multiple non-standard form values captured. You quickly adjusted the form on your website to make sure a Country field is backed by the standardized picklist values but how to quickly update contact data without setting up Contact Washing Machine programs?

Curious to try out the Bulk Edit Field functionality?

Let's navigate to Settings > Field & Views and select a field you want to view (in this case - Country). Click on the field and use the Field Population Details "View" button.

Note: If there are a very large number of details for the field (over 1000), you may see a "This field has more than 1000 unique values, and is unsuitable for this view" message - in this case the Bulk Edit functionality won't be available to use.

Once you identified an invalid value on your list, click the "Edit" option on the left hand side:

Now make sure to replace Original (incorrect) Value with the New Value, Save and Close next.

Up to 50 000 records will be affected at a time by this bulk edit. If you need to edit more than 50 000 records, continue editing until you have completed.

Simple as that!

Thanks for sharing your tip, @Piotr Sito!!

Have you tried using Edit Bulk Edit Field functionality? How have you used it? Drop a comment below to share your insights with fellow Eloqua users.

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