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Is there a resource that I can view that will explain Picklists down to the finest detail? I want to be able to send a specific email based on a users response from a drop-down picklist. How do I set up the emails, campaigns, etc. I have created a picklist, but I have no idea how it talks internally in Eloqua to choose the email I want it to send.

Any help is appreciated!


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    Hello @User_5OI68

    This is pretty simple - try this.


    Create your picklist with the DISPLAY NAME and the ACTUAL VALUE that makes sense.

    TIP: Keep the ACTUAL VALUE really simple, you need the ACTUAL VALUE to drive the Form Processing Steps.

    In the example below I'm offering a webinar registration for two different dates and times.


    In the image below, notice the Form Processing Steps on the far left. There's a Confirmation Email (SEND SUBMITTER AN EMAIL) to be sent to those who registered for the Australian webinar and another for the US webinar.

    You want to use the CONDITIONALLY option (Yellow Triangle) to confirm which email goes to which person based on their FORM RESPONSE.

    It's the ACTUAL VALUE from your picklist that you add to the CONDITIONS EDITOR. Because you have to manually enter the ACTUAL VALUE, I like to keep it simple so there's far less chance of an error.

    For example, retyping:


    ...is much easier, than...

    11:00 am Sydney Tuesday 13th September

    TIP: When you open the CONDITIONS EDITOR, the first thing you need to do is select FORM FIELD from the drop-down menu. Then select the relevant field that contains your picklist values, it will appear on the right then double-click again and edit it accordingly.

    Hopefully, that helps 😀

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