Eloqua's Tip Tuesday: How to tell the name of your Eloqua environment

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Welcome to “Tip Tuesday”! Each week we post interesting tips and tricks for Eloqua users, on Tuesdays. To see more Tip Tuesday posts, head here.

Did you know there's an easy way to identify which Eloqua environment you're logged into?

Customers are often asked what the name of their Eloqua environment they're working in. Maybe they have multiple Eloqua environments across their organization, they're troubleshooting, or they're working with a partner. There's many reasons one would be asked name of the Eloqua environment they're working in.

There's a quick and easy way to tell!

  1. Start by logging into Eloqua.
  2. Click on your initials in the top right corner.
  3. Open the drop down menu, and under your name you'll see the name of the Eloqua environment. This particular image shows the name being "ORPM", but instead of "ORPM", you'll see you the name of the Eloqua environment you're currently logged into!

Curious if it's a Sandbox (test) vs Production environment?

If you'd like to determine if you're logged into an Eloqua Sandbox (test) environment vs your regular environment, you can tell by the extra info provided in the top navigation navigation. You'll notice that "Test Environment" shows up when you're logged into an Eloqua Sandbox.

And a bonus tip for you this week too: 

If you're curious which Eloqua POD your Eloqua environment is located within, look at the URL when you're logged in. For example, you'll notice when I'm logged in the top image , I see "p02" in the URL: https://secure.p02.eloqua.com/

That means my Eloqua environment is located in POD 2. And you might be asking yourself, but why do it need to know that? Well, Eloqua's maintenance and releases arrive on different dates based on POD numbers! Check out our Eloqua Release Center if you're curious about when your due for the next Eloqua Release.

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