Adding a form submission into a Campaign - "From a form"

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I am trying once more to solve this issue I have, so let me lay out all of the groundwork and information I have.

First, I created a form. I made the exact same form with the exact same parameters in Sitefinity (website host / software). The form looks like this:

The picklist has 5 options, for 5 different events we are hosting.

Next, I created all of the form processing steps. I have made "Send submitter an email" for each event, "Add to shared contact list" for each event, as well as "Add to campaign" for each event. All of these steps execute "Conditionally" and match "exactly" to the picklist actual value. The form processing steps look like this:

Next, I created a multi-step campaign. I have the form feeding into the campaign on a "Wait Step". Theoretically, once the person submits the form and gets dropped into the campaign, they will just flow through the steps as they execute. The problem is, whenever someone submits the form, they do not get placed into this multi-step campaign. See the campaign here:

That is as far as I have gotten with this. For some reason, when a user submits the form they do NOT get added into this multi-step campaign. I feel like I have done everything I can but maybe I am missing something! Please let me know your thoughts.




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    Hi Devon,

    A couple of questions:

    1. Are you still in the testing phase? Has anyone reached the campaign canvas at least once? Remember, the Campaign Canvas default will not allow the same email address to enter the canvas a second time. You can override that, but it's not the default.
    2. Can you see the people who have submitted the form in the Form Submission Data?
    3. I can't see the UPDATE CONTACTS - WITH FORM DATA processing step in your screenshot above. This step actually updates or creates a contact. If the people submitting the form are not in Eloqua prior to the form submission, this step is critical if you want the Campaign Canvas to send emails.

    If people are visible in the Form Submission Data, I'd suggest it's the form processing steps missing the mark somehow.


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    @TitanMachinery Devon,

    You'll receive an invitation to the US Eloqua User Group in the next few days. Hopefully, you can join us. Perhaps we can stay on the line after the user group and explore your canvas in more detail.