Eloqua's Tip Tuesday: Setting Custom Messages When Reports Return No Results

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Welcome to “Tip Tuesday”! Each week we post interesting tips and tricks for Eloqua users, on Tuesdays. To see more Tip Tuesday posts, head here.

This week’s tip has been shared by @Kristine Lubeck-Oracle, Senior Cloud Manager- Eloqua Technical Services Lead here at Oracle.

Did you know that you can set a custom message when report returns no results?

No results in your report? If you have a report showing up in a dashboard, you might want that report to display a custom message if no results are returned.

Here's How:

Open the report that you will like to add a custom message to. Then, go to the Results Tab and click on the XYZ icon to edit the properties:

Next choose Display a Custom Message in the No Results Settings and type in any message that you'd like such as "No External Activity for This Contact(s)"

And Success! That's all it takes to add a custom message.

For additional tips and tricks related to specifically for Eloqua's reporting functionality be sure to visit our Eloqua Insight Resource Center as well!

Thanks for the great tip @Kristine Lubeck-Oracle.

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