Now available: the new and improved Webex app for integrating with Eloqua!

Erin Bryant
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edited Oct 4, 2022 1:50AM in Eloqua

With the Webex Webinars integration for Oracle Eloqua, you can automate your marketing campaigns with ease.

Find the app in the Marketplace ➡️ http://cs.co/6048MjiAC

Learn more about Webex Webinars: https://help.webex.com/en-us/article/8wf2bb/Compare-Webex-Webinars-and-Webex-Events-(classic)

This app is replacing the old "Cisco WebEx" app in the Eloqua marketplace, as that app does not work with the upgraded Webex platform now being used widely.

Please refer to the Webex Help Center for questions related to the app: https://help.webex.com/en-us/article/nlqcc1ab/Webex-integration-with-Oracle-Eloqua

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  • AP_Steele
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    Hi @Erin Bryant - excited about the new app and working to set it up in our instance now. I am curious if there are any "known" delays in communication between the two systems with this new app? For example, in the "old" app there was a known delay of attendance data from Webex to Eloqua of 72 hours, which required a wait step in campaigns to accommodate. I didn't see anything like this mentioned in the documentation for the new app, but I recognize it's still pretty new and that perhaps "more documentation" will come :)

  • Erin Bryant
    Erin Bryant Posts: 4 Red Ribbon

    Hey @AP_Steele - that is a GREAT question. I'm not so sure, but I haven't been seeing any significant delays like it was with the old app. I've just been making sure to put the attendee feeder end date at a date post-webinar, and checking the final numbers an hour or two after the webinar has finished. Usually the numbers seem to match up.