Eloqua's Tip Tuesday: One-Click Access to Sales Cloud & SFDC Integration App Configurations

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Welcome to “Tip Tuesday”! Each week we post interesting tips and tricks for Eloqua users, on Tuesdays. To see more Tip Tuesday posts, head here.

This week's tip has been shared by @Kristine Lubeck-Oracle, an Oracle Eloqua Consulting Practice Manager.

Did you know you can access integration app configuration screens in one-click?

If you're in your Oracle Sales Cloud or Salesforce integration frequently, Kristine has a great tip for you this week! Rather than opening the configuration iframe by navigating to Settings-> Apps-> Oracle CX Sales Integration-> Gear box for configure each time, you bookmark the iFrame to have it open in one click.

This is great for customers who are in their integration on a regular basis 😎

Here's now:

In Firefox

Open the app with the instruction above and right click on the white space in the app.  Choose 'This Frame' and select 'Bookmark This Frame'

Next time you want to open the app, login to Eloqua and in the same browsing session open the bookmark in a new tab - and boom - you can open your integration iFrame without the extra clicks!

And in Chrome

Right-click on the app window. Select “View frame source” – a new tab will open.

In the browser navigation bar, delete the “view-source:” portion of the address and then hit reload. Then bookmark the page!

Thanks for the great tip @Kristine Lubeck-Oracle!

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