Eloqua's Tip Tuesday: See which campaigns have Eloqua STO enabled

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This week's tip has been shared by @Richa_M09-Oracle, Senior Marketing Consultant with Oracle.

Did you know you can see which campaigns you're using STO within and the email performance for each using Insight reports?

Have the Eloqua Advanced Intelligence add-on and using the Send Time Optimization (STO) feature? We've got a good tip for you this week!

You can see which campaigns you're using STO within and the email performance for each by customizing one of two existing Insight reports.

Here's how:

To get the data you can use any of the following reports under Dashboard Reports->Email Analysis Overview->

  • Send Time Optimization Performance by Day and Hour
  • Send Time Optimization Performance by Day of week 

Click on ‘Edit’ to open the report criteria window:

Customize using attributes from the subject area to drill down to the email level information. For example, to get the report showing Send Time Optimized emails in the month of Sep’22, you need to add following attributes:

  • Campaign Name
  • Asset Name
  • Month


And add following filter rules:

  • Month is Equal to ‘2022-09’
  • Asset Type is ‘Email’
  • Is Send Time Optimized equal to ‘TRUE’
  • Total Sends is greater than 0

The Criteria setting will look like below screenshot:

Click on ‘Results’ tab to run the report.

The result will show you campaign Name and Email using STO under that campaign with Total Send Volume, Open rate and Clickthrough Rate.

Note: The Open Rate and Clickthrough rate you get under these reports are Total and not Unique.

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