Your form submission is not visible in the contact's activity? Check this out.

Forms are a versatile Eloqua feature that can help you capture data and configure the next logical steps in the user journey.

The forms allow you to build custom flows by personalizing the fields and the processing steps. If all you want to do is to capture data in a CDO and redirect people to a thank you page, you can do it! Isn't that great!?

But wait...

My fields are correctly configured and there is no error.

My processing steps cover the requested flow. The form email address is mapped with the contact one.

My submission is captured correctly, and the user journey is the expected one.

Then why don't I see my form submission in the contact's activity table?

30 min later - my form submission is still not visible in the Activity Log...

Mapping the form submission activity with the contact entity is vital for future filter and segment interrogations. As shown in the picture below, the segment result for form submitters is 0.

"I submitted the form! Why is the segment result null?"

Well, the solution is quite simple. In the form processing step, we did not configure any action that forces Eloqua to link the form submission with the contact entity. To fix this, all we have to do is to add an "Update Contacts - with Form Data" processing step.

"But I do not want my data to be stored in the Contact Table."

That's ok. All you need to map is the email address field.

If we submit the form again, we will see the form submission in the contact's Activity Log and the segment will display the right number.

I hope you find this useful.

Warm regards,

Ioana Stofor

Marketing Automation Expert & Project Lead

Logarithmic Solutions