Eloqua's Tip Tuesday: How to open an Oracle support ticket

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I need a bit of help or have an issue. How can I reach Oracle Support?

May be straightforward to some, yet something others have not done before. This week's Eloqua Tip is an answer to a common question we receive: "How do I open an SR (or Support Request)?"

You can reach Oracle Cloud Support in one of two ways: the My Oracle Support (MOS) portal or by phone.

If you are calling us, follow the phone flow chart below to ensure you reach the correct resource. Be sure to have your CSI (Customer Support Identifier) number ready before you call to avoid any delays.

Calling into support - new SR creation process:

Extra tips: If you're unsure of CSI #, contact your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager and they'll help you out! Not all Eloqua users may be able to open SRs, thus your account manager can also help you sort out who are the designated contacts within your organization that is able to open SRs. If in doubt, you can always start with one of your key Eloqua admins internally too!

If you're encountering issues with the platform or need help troubleshooting something, please feel free to reach out to our Oracle Cloud Support team!

You may find these resources helpful as well:

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