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Hi all,

We have this flow, which should only be sent when a customer makes a purchase on today's date.

How do I set this condition? 

I tried to insert a segment with a filter but Eloqua won't let you insert it before the form.

What is the business rule we want:

Trigger the form only for customers who made a purchase on the current date.

As it is, the campaign is firing to any customer, regardless of purchase date.

I haven't found a place where I can define that the purchase date is the current one:

I appreciate any help



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    Hi Claudemir (@User_5FXMV),

    There may be a slight confusion here and you may not actually need to configure a Campaign Canvas in order to send out the emails to the customers. Assuming that the Form is being submitted only if the customer purchases a product, meaning today`s date, you can simply add a Processing Step to your Form and send the needed email(s) to the customers. From the provided Canvas screenshot I understand that you need to send different content based on the customer`s location, and you can achieve that by either applying a Dynamic Content in your single Email (setup the Rules to be based on customer country for example) or by creating different Emails and triggering the Send Submitter an Email Processing Steps conditionally based on country (again, as an example).

    I hope this helps at least spark an idea for what you would like to achieve. Let me know if you would like more details on this.

    Constantin Gutic

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