Eloqua's Tip Tuesday: Using Video in Your Emails and Landing Pages

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How can I add video into emails in Eloqua?

Video content is a great way to increase engagement with your audience and provides a nice alternative to long form text. We’ve had lots of interest from customers that would like to add video into their emails as well.

This week @Thamina Christensen-Oracle and I explore that popular and somewhat tricky topic!

It’s important to note that, while there’s lots of interest in embedding video directly into your Eloqua emails, most email clients (over 60% of them!) don’t support embedded video in email and your recipients end up with a less than optimal experience opening your message as a result. Notably - Gmail and Outlook being two main players that don’t support embedded emails. Here’s a handy comparison chart from Litmus:


So, what’s a marketer to do?

Through the use of Eloqua’s handy Video Content Blocks, you can add a video content block to your email that automatically adds a static video preview image from Vimeo and YouTube videos and links to the video for you. To start, you drag the video content block into the body of of the email:

Drop in your YouTube or Vimeo video URL. Options will appear in the editor after you've added your link so you don’t have to mess around in HTML trying to get the formatting right!

While it’s not embedded video in an email per se, it does provide an optimized experience for your recipients while still leveraging video and it requires no effort or technical skills on your part!  

Here's a sample email:

Want to try it out? You can learn more here.  

Alternatively, if you’d like a bit more engagement in the email instead, you could also consider using an animated gif of a portion of your video in your email as a teaser and link that image to your video link!

Still curious about adding embedded video? We recommend you check out the Eloqua Device Metrics Dashboard to get a feel for the email clients your recipients are using to view your messages.

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BONUS TIP: Video Content Blocks work in our Landing Page Editor as well! You'll notice the video is automatically embedded in the landing page in this scenario. Drag video block over, drop in your video URL, and you're done. So easy!

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