Easy report - how to prepare it?

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Hello everyone,

I want to prepare a simple report in Eloqua - the number of New Users in Eloqua per day per country (specifically Poland).

I found this report in Eloqua and this is exactly what I need:

But after adding the Country metric and trying to filter it:

In the Total Contacts and New Contacts column the blank fields appear.

Why? Is there any other option to filter the country here?


  • Piotr Sito
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    Hello @User_Q8KK0

    The Contact Database Health reporting Subject Area doesn't work well with other ones. It seems like you tried to combine this Subject Area with Contacts which resulted in the blank values being displayed.

    Instead, you could create a custom analysis using Contacts Subject Area using following attributes and metrics:

    Contact > Contact Country

    Contact Created Calendar > Day

    Metrics > Total Contacts (and change its label to New Contacts, as in fact, this will be a total number of contacts created in a specific day)

    and create New Calculated Measure using the following formula RSUM("Metrics"."Total Contacts") and name it "Total Contacts".

    *additionally you can include another Calculated Measure using: RSUM("Metrics"."Total Contacts")/CAST(MSUM(RSUM("Metrics"."Total Contacts"),2)-RSUM("Metrics"."Total Contacts") AS DOUBLE)*100-100 formula, to show day-over-day rate for database growth.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

    Piotr Sito

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    Thanks @Piotr Sito , great approach.

    And @User_Q8KK0 you can also try to use Contact Created Date attribute from Contacts area. In addition, if you want to have it by YEAR/MONTHS, you can use this filter as I got it last time from another TopLiners :)

    Put it into Day atributes:

    YEAR("Contact Created Calendar"."Day")*100+MONTH("Contact Created Calendar"."Day")

  • User_Q8KK0
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    Thank you very much @Piotr Sito and @Iczek for a great help! The report works now :)

  • Piotr Sito
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    Glad it worked! Let me know @User_Q8KK0 if you have any other questions.