Removing contacts from Shared Lists via API

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@Lou Patrick - tagging you right out of the gate as the API guy πŸ˜€

We are using SyncActions to add existing Eloqua contacts to Shared Lists and all is working well with that step. Subsequent POSTs will add contacts to the list if not already on the list.

We now need a way to either remove all, or defined, contacts from that list. While I realise we can do that via a program or marketing canvas in Eloqua we need a way for our data team to either clear all contacts from the list then add a fresh new array of contacts, or specify contacts to remove from the list..

Any suggestions... have I missed an endpoint or parameter?

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  • Greg_W
    Greg_W Posts: 24 Silver Medal

    @Lou Patrick - Thanks for the quick response. Just so I have this right, and for any other readers πŸ˜€

    I already have a Contact SynAction defined to allow me add contacts to a list - using the SyncAction to add

      "action": "add",
      "destination": "{{ContactList[12345]}}"

    I then use that same approach to create a Contact Sync Action to remove, with

      "action": "remove",
      "destination": "{{ContactList[12345]}}"

    Once I have that Contact Sync Action I can then pass records to remove from the list to that new 'Remove' Contact SyncAction.

    Pushing my luck here but is there any 'remove all' option by any chance - without a need to indicate the records to remove? Would be nice not to have to chain several calls together if I can avoid it. One to get all contacts in the list, the next to remove them.

  • Lou Patrick
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    there is not a remove all option via API, but that's not a bad idea, and i'd suggest creating an idea on dream it.