How can I create a new Calculated Measure for Unique Click-to-Unique Open Rate?

tenperk Posts: 5 NewUser

Hi and please help! :)

The out of the box rate for this divides total clicks by total opens. BUT, we need a rate for unique clicks divided by unique opens. Example: 10 unique clicks / 100 unique opens = 10% unique click-to-unique open rate.

I've followed every instruction I can find to do this, I can create the column, the formula is super simple, so I created it. Formatted the data to a % but all my results are 0.00% (even tried to put 6 digits in case the formula was wonky - still 0.00000%).

Has anybody come across this issue, I can't be the only one, right?! I'm sure it's just something simple I'm overlooking.

Help! Thanks!