What is the standard approach to store email sent to customers for retension?

For compliance, we need to store some specific emails sent to customers for 7 years. Is there any standard approach or anyway we can hook in our/third party solution for storage like AWS s3 or similar place?



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    Hello @Saroj_KV

    When looking at how to retrieve marketing activity data, such as Email Send there are several methods you could consider:

    1. Export activities using the Bulk API: https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/saas/marketing/eloqua-develop/Developers/BulkAPI/Tutorials/ExportingActivities/Exporting-activities.htm
    2. Export the activity data using Internal Queue/PAQ. To get activity data out of Eloqua using SFTP you would need to have the Processed Activity Queue enabled. Detailed instruction can be found at Knowledgebase under: Integration: How to Enable the 'Process Activity Queue '(PAQ) or 'Internal Queue' (Doc ID 1670089.1)
    3. Add contacts who have received specific email to a Contact Shared List. You could then configure the Data Export in Eloqua and upload the export file to an SFTP server.
    4. Use CDO to store additional contact data. Using Program Canvas you could then add contacts who have been sent a specific email to a CDO.

    Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Piotr Sito

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  • Hello Piotr - Thanks for your quick response. I am looking to store the customer's email copy having exact email content that was sent to them. Is there anyway we can achieve this?

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    Hello @Saroj_KV

    I assume that these emails include customer-specific content so there ale multiple, alternative versions of each email as they use dynamic content, field merges etc. and you would like to have an information about the exact version of an email that were sent to each contact, is that correct? In general, Eloqua retains data related to marketing activities for 25 months past the activity date so there is no way for Eloqua to keep that information for 7 years, however...

    This is more of a workaround, and it requires a bit of a manual work but here's what you can do:

    When you open a contact record in Profiler, you can view details about the contact, including marketing related activities, such as, for example Email Sends. In profiler, navigate to Activities tab and search for a specific email. An email preview link ("View Online" system action link) is available there for 120 days after the send date but using that link you will be able to extract the contact-specific HTML email code and store it outside of Eloqua.

    Hope this helps.

    Piotr Sito

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  • Your assumption about the email content is right. We expect each customer to have emails with different values in the content based on their information in the backend system. For example, content may contain order details where customer A will have 100 orders vs customer B will 53 orders.

    The process that you explained is manual from Eloqua application interface. Is there any bulk export API that can be used in this content? We need to automate this process so that all campaigns falling under compliance can take advantage of the same system in the backend for storage.

  • Hey,

    I believe the web link of the email will work only for a couple of months, and the API calls will not export the actual content.

    I had a similar request. It was a one-time-only project for a few tens of customers. I replicated the CDO with all their details and mapped all the records to my email address, keeping the customer's email address as the display name and the unique code. I wrote "Email sent to" + field merge in the subject line to be able to differentiate them. Then I sent all the emails to myself, saved and shared them with the requestor.

    Unfortunately, there is no CC feature in Eloqua, so I had to be inventive. Is it an overkill solution? Yes. Did it work in my case? Also yes.

    Not sure how useful you'd find this, but still wanted to share it in case it might help.

    Warm regards,


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    Thank you Ioana for sharing your approach. Yeah, currently I am finding ways to get hold of the exact email sent to the customers. Another option I am thinking is to store the html version of the email itself, but if that is not possible for some reasons, I will explore your option as well.

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