Eloqua Refresh from Sandbox into PROD

Hello !

What are the thoughts and progress on a refresh from sandbox to PROD ?

The fact it goes the other way and not sandbox to Prod is quite bizarre in a way - given that most companies employ the method of creating - say a program - in sandbox first and then implement in PROD ... the fact you cannot refresh what you've done in sandbox -- into PROD -- but you can the other way is not straightforward to understand ..

Why would this be? From what I've been told by my TAM -- it's more complex to refresh from sb to prod than the current set up with is prod down to sb ... - is this true?

Either way I cannot be the only person who thinks;

1 - it's quite bizarre that the way that most companies would operate and expect a refresh to flow isn't possible and

2. Surely something has to be done about this? Every business practices in sandbox first then into prod.

Thank you so much for reading and for your feedback! 😊

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