In Eloqua Campaign Submitted form Is not working Sending all The contact in Wrong SideEvenSubmited ?

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The submitted Form is not working in the campaign Even user receives an email and submitted the form still it will send the user in the wrong direction means I don't know what the Problem I have tried many times with the different conditions

This is campaign image and configuration for the form Submitted

And Configuration of Submitted form

Plz Help me exactly what is the Problem


  • Piotr Sito
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    Hello User_7APU1

    There is an expected delay of up to 15 minutes before a form submission activity will appear on a contact's record following a form submission. This is due to the system processing the incoming data and linking the form submission information with the contact record.

    Please try to extend the duration of a wait step or/and "Submitted Form" decision step to accomodate the potential processing delay. This should resolve the issue.


    Piotr Sito

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