HELP ! Do you have a solution to create this type of campaign?

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I would like to set up this type of campaign, can you help me and tell me if it is possible?

I will send an email with a button that redirects to a landing page that we will have created on Eloqua. When I go to identify my list of customers who have visited our landing page, is there a way to automatically trigger an email at that time to an external email address?

Here is what I would like to do:

Step 1:

Send an e-mail to our customer base with a button "I would like to be contacted" with a landing page explaining that an advisor will contact them soon

2nd step :

Customer visits this landing page

Step 3:

A second email is automatically triggered containing all the contact details of the customer who visited the destination page (surname/first name/telephone)

The recipient of this e-mail would be an adviser from our company (possibility of sending this email to a single and unique email address that we would have identified at the start?) the adviser would then automatically receive an email (with the contact details of the customer added automatically) as soon as a customer has visited our landing page.

Thanks for your help, 😊