Global View Security Group

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edited Feb 17, 2023 10:43AM in Eloqua

We have about 10 custom regional security groups; each group has access to contacts in their region. EX: France-based marketers can view contacts in France.

Is it possible to create a global view that would allow users to VIEW all contacts in the database, but only add their contacts to campaigns? We often encounter issues where contacts are incorrectly assigned and therefore not visible to the correct security group.


  • Hello @User_VED17,

    I assume you are using "contact security labels" to control the access offered to each group of users. If you create a global security label, it will impact the existing access, and users will be able to target more contacts in their campaigns.

    Maybe you can create a shared user account for reporting and monitoring purposes. You can also restrict the permissions to ensure your colleagues do not activate campaigns using this shared account.

    Another option is to transfer the restrictions from security labels to segment exclusions. However, this option is riskier and exposed to human errors if users do not use the right segment template or exclusions.

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