Picklist into a Campaign - Struggling to streamline the process

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I am wanting to use a picklist to send submitter an email and then drop that person in a 2 step email campaign process.

I have created a form and put it on a website, in the "Form Processing" steps I have included "Send submitter an email" with a conditional step annotated.

I have orchestrated the campaign to feed people who submit the form depending on what they submit. See pictures below for everything I have done thus far.

Despite all of my efforts, It does not seem to be working. Only thing I can think of is that the form on the website side of things is not properly linking with the Eloqua form. (Using sitefinity, we plug in the form ID number on sitefinity and normally it works just fine).

Does anyone have any advice? Would love it to be where someone fills out the form, gets a registration confirmed email, then gets dropped into this campaign where they get a 2 day reminder email, and then a thank you email after the event is over.



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    How about you use the ADD TO CAMPAIGN form processing step to add people directly to the Canvas from the Form Submission?

    You can see below, our form offers people the ability to register for one of two different webinars.

    Both responses are sent to the same canvas, however to different elements on the canvas.

    This is how those two FORM PROCESSING STEPS are displayed on the Canvas. Notice "FROM A FORM"

    Does that help?

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    Alrighty Derek, I am truly stumped!

    I have removed the "Send Submitter an email" step from my form processing and went straight to "Add to Campaign" and will have them funnel through the campaign. See below for what it looks like.

    And the form processing below;

    I have them conditionally set to add to a certain step in the campaign based on the answer they give on the form.

    The problem we are having is our website is not talking with Eloqua. We have created the form on our website with the exact fields as the form in Eloqua, but whenever someone submits a form on the website, it is not talking with Eloqua. We have entered in the Form ID in the website parameters (We use Sitefinity) but alas still failure.

    Not sure what we are doing wrong here! Do I have to include the "Form (Reporting Only)" Campaign step INSIDE the campaign I posted above? Currently it is housed in a separate campaign used for reporting all forms on the website.

    Let me know your thoughts!

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    So after a few trial / error tests I have noticed that when someone submits the form on the website, I am receiving form submission data from them. This leads me to believe that the form submission is not dropping the person into the multi-step campaign I have created.

    I am super confused as to why it wont drop the person in the step specified in the form processing steps.

    Is it because I am using a picklist which is causing Eloqua to get confused?