Open Rates Sinking - Need HELP Asap

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I am reaching out to all you experts in hopes of receiving some constructive feedback. I started in my position about 3 months ago. We have one big newsletter than is broken down into 3 different versions that gets sent out at the beginning of each month, it is called "Titan Tracks". Now, I have all the data from 2019 - until current so I can see trends, but I can also see a slow decline in open rates / CTR through that time period as well. Here is some data from 2020;

As you can see, we delivered around 11,000 emails and had a 30% open rate and a 40% open rate. These are the numbers I WANT to see.

Here is some data from last month, October;

We recently did a purge of customers from CRM/Eloqua so my contact database dropped to 4,000 people. But you can see the open rate has significantly dropped, down to below 4% which is basically nothing. Completely unacceptable. I am not sure what I need to do.

Last month, we purged a little over 6,000 customers from CRM first, and then removed them from Eloqua. The problem is, the numbers just don't add up. For example, my "Titan Tracks - RED" segment went from 21,735 down too 7,289. But, it says I only delivered my email to 4,000 people. This is the case for the other two segments I use for my monthly newsletter.

I am drowning in confusion with this and really need some advice on how to get my open rates back up to where they should be.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!