Eloqua Product Notice: Updated SSL Certificates for *.eloqua.com [Dec 2022]

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As they are set to expire on December 23, 2022, Oracle Eloqua is implementing updated SSL certificates for *.eloqua.com on December 14, 2022.

New SSL certificates are now available for the following domain:

  • *.eloqua.com

If relying on the SSL certificate in your integration for this domain, you will need to update your integration with the new SSL certificate. Here is a zipfile containing the certificates:


-- There are two certificates in the zipfile: one of them is ECC certificate and other one is non-ECC (or regular certificate). We will be implementing both at the same time.

-- These certificate updates only apply for *.eloqua.com – for example: login.eloqua.com No action is required for *.p0X.eloqua.com domains at this time (ie secure.p01.eloqua.com), etc. Additional information on certificates for the later, can be found here.



The SSL certificate updates are expected to be implemented on December 14th, 2022 between 01:30 – 04:30 am ET across all PODs.

Unsure if this impacts you? 

It might if either of the following apply:

•  API Integration with Eloqua – If your team has any integration to Eloqua (e.g. via API or a custom cloud app) to import/export data and this tool requires an SSL certificate to connect with Eloqua, you will need to update the certificate. If you worked with your IT team on this previously, you may need to engage them on it as they will need to update their store with the new SSL certificate(s).

•  3rd Party Tools – If your team is integrating with Eloqua via an Oracle CX Marketing partner cloud app and they require an SSL connection as part of the authentication/transaction. You will need to confirm with the Oracle CX Marketing partner whether they have updated the certificate on their end. Most of the established Oracle CX Marketing partners would be aware of the new SSL certificates for all domains. However, it would be advisable to confirm with both the established (and smaller) partners you might be working with.

Next Steps

If relying on the SSL certificate in your integration for these domains, update your integration with the new attached SSL certificates. For example, if you have a store of trusted SSL certificates, add the new SSL certificates to your Trusted Store. See attached certificates above.

If you have questions, please contact Oracle Cloud Support.

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