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Provide option for a notification or email informing customers of completion of patching of Oracle M



Provide option for a notification or email informing customers of completion of patching of Oracle Managed Instances

This could be a check box that allows customers to opt-in for the email notification.

If email notification is not possible, then informational message on the console that indicates "Patching is in Progress" and "All Patching Is Completed" is shown on the console that would be fine too.

Use Case and Business Need


Provide an option on the console for customer to opt-in for notifications of completion of the patching event.

• What is the problem your idea solves?

We use a single Global Instance for OAC and use it 24x7 for operational reporting at our distribution centers , repair depots and key finance business processes. Hence we need to know exactly when our OAC instance goes down for patching and when it is available. Current time windows for patching are a guideline and we are not sure exactly when the patching is complete. There have been occassions where the Version number in the console has changed but the changes have not taken effect and we have raised Sev 1 SRs for regression issues. Having visibility to when patching starts and when it ends is important for us to set expectations with our business users who depend on OAC for conducting operations. We have also seen that post patching RDG has to be bounced else users get errors. So patching exercise is not a seamless process from user perspective.

• Who is affected by the problem?
All departments of Zebra technologies are impacted as our window of unavailability is not fixed and we have to test multiple times to confirm there are no issues before we release application to the business

• What have you tried within the standard functionality?

We have tried looking for the version of the OAC instance to change and time our testing 2-3 hours after that as advised by Oracle Support. However, that means we have added 3 extra hours in addition to the 4 hour window of outage just to be on the safe side. This is not acceptable to our business users because of how we use the system to run our operations.

• How will the enhancement provide value to your business?

We will be able to reduce the overall outage window by the 3 hours we have added and our business users will be able to access the system quickly. 

More details

Refer had opened 3-23644129421 because we went by the version change and we could see an issue that should have been resolved by version 5.6

Original Idea Number: 4eff973ec6

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