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Ability to hide canvas

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There should be an option to hide canvas in DV Project; similar functionality to the classic dashboard where there was an option to hide the dashboard page.

Use Case and Business Need

When a separate canvas is used to show the drill-down report, generally it is preferred for users to navigate through drill-down (data action) and avoid direct access to the drill-down report. 

Since Canvas can not be hidden unlike the dashboard page, users can now directly access the drill-down report which is undesired because generally drill-down reports are detailed ones and expect to take longer time without filters if directly accessed. For Example GL or FAH Transaction Report.

If there is an option to hide canvas, users can only navigate through data-action which will have a more restricted filter.

Original Idea Number: 80753f533c

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  • Agree. This is an underlie of a fundamental choice: if DV has to become the new, unified, UI for analytics (so a development environment, with all the interactions within and between canvasses), then this and other features requested in other ideas, that are characteristics of OBIEE and Oracle Cloud BI, has to be ported even in DV.

  • Strongly agree - out customers like the idea of Data Actions/drilldowns in DV but it needs refinements like this one to make the final experience clean and simple.

  • For a Business user i want to use buttons to show the dashboards and not choose all canvassen itself. Also you can duplicate a canvas multiple times and adjust in canvas 1 a table to graph and canvas 2 has a table only. With buttons you let the user choose what they want to see.

  • The purpose of the Present section is to select which Canvases are going to be available to the consumer for direct navigation. Hidden canvases can still be used for Data Action navigation or remain hidden.