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Ability to hide the entire canvas filter bar to proclaim more space for Visualization


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There should be an option to hide the entire canvas filter bar in "Visualize" mode so that more space can be proclaimed for visualizations.

Use Case and Business Need

There is always a struggle to gain more space on canvas for visualizations. Many times we don't use filters for canvas and we can leverage the unutilized space for visuals.

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  • Absolutely!
    More than ever now that the long-awaited list box visualization (that let you put filters within the canvas) has been released.
    It should be possible to hide the bar only where no global filters have been defined, to avoid losing context (the filter's values) that is not visualized elsewhere.

  • Absolutely..

    The Project Level Filter is a must; at the same time the option to keep it hidden is also required. If possible, to hide or unhide individual filter at Project level in View mode.

    ONE USE CASE IS; if the Filters is set as per the Username who is viewing it. Very helpful to restrict data visibility per username.

    Currently, even though the expression filter is set; the user can alter it to view restricted data....