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(New DV object) User defined permissions groups


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The access to a DV object (data set, project, etc) is managed by using admin defined groups (in weblogic) or by adding DV users one by one.

We need to give the regular DV User the possibility to create Permissions Groups in the Front End.

This way the User can manage the permissions on its DV objects much more easier (by adding the Groups instead of adding the users one by one).

These Permissions Groups will be available in a sort of Catalog (like the Projects or Data Sets Catalog).

Use Case and Business Need

We have many DV Developers that are adding tens of users in the permissions lists of their projects (even hundreds in some cases).

This action is consuming a lot of time and it can be simply replaced  with a centralized Permissions Group object.

More details


You (a DV Developer) developed 6 projects and you want to grant the following permissions to the following users:

User 1 Full Control
User 2 Full Control
User 3 Read
User 3 Read
User 4 Read


Right now this setup can be obtained only by adding the users one by one on all 6 projects.

By having Permissions Groups you could create 2 Groups:

1) My Full Control Users

2) My Read Users

And add these groups on each project instead of adding the users one by one:

My Full Control Users Full Control
My Read Users Read

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  • Hi Costin,

    In IDCS create these groups. And in the analytics console-->users and roles-->create application roles and assign admin and consumer access to new 2 roles.-->Add the 2 groups to 2 roles.

    In IDCS add the req users in to the 2 groups created.

    Restrict the object persmisions based on the roles created.


    Sai Kiran Kota