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Oracle Cloud Analytics - Go URL for Classic Dashboard for Public Access

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Chicago Public Schools


Migrating OBIEE 12c Reports and Dashboard to Oracle Analytics Cloud, need to create a GO Url that can bypass IDCS login page and navigates the user directly to Classic (Home) Dashboard

End-user does not necessary to know the user name and password to access these reports and dashboard, just need to click on a hyperlink in a website.

In OBIEE12c (On Prem), NQUser and NQPassword seeded within the URL that enables the user to navigate directly to the dashboard, and working fine. Now we need to replicate the same in OAC.

**** High business impact, Solution will not be available for use without this feature ****

Use Case and Business Need

Any public sector organization publishes its Operating and Capital Budget, and Expenditures every year, and the public accesses the interactive dashboards via the website. Any user who accesses the website should be able to navigate to dashboards without passing credentials.

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