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Provide flexibility to change time out in OAC


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Zebra Technologies


Currently in Oracle Managed OAC, reports time out after 10 minutes. We would like to have flexibility to change this time out via the OAC Console.

Use Case and Business Need

Sometimes tuning is not possible for following reasons:
1) Certain reports are necessary to run the business are run against legacy applications which cannot be tuned or changed.
2) Certain reports are a combination of multiple requests (Union queries). While they may run longer than 10 minutes, they are actually eliminating the need for the business user to run multiple reports and are consolidating data from multiple reports into one.
3) We are using an on-premise Oracle Database as our data warehouse and sometimes when query execution plan changes causes reports to run longer. In those cases we cannot have reports error out. We atleast need the business users to get the results while IT investigates why the query execution plan has changed and addresses the issue..
4) We have real time reports which run against on-premise Oracle ERP instance. Those queries can take longer than 10 mins and there is very little tuning possible as we are not allowed to add more indexes or change degree of parallelism in our ERP application. This is to protect the performance of the operational system and ongoing shipping and finance operations.

More details

We have move our onprem OBI instance to OAC with on-prem connectivity via RDG. We do not want to manage a separate OBI on-prem instance to work around the 10 minute query restriction.

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  • Note that timeout was changed to a more dynamic setting based on system workload. Max timeout is 60 min, Min is 10 min. The system will start with 60, but based on the concurrency of reports might reduce it back to 10 to protect the availability of the instance. If your concurrent report workload is not significant, it should provide a solution.