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Ability to Rearrange Order of Fields within Column Selector view in Answers


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In the Answers platform, there is no way to rearrange the order of fields within a Column Selector view without either deleting the fields and starting over or changing the order within the XML directly. Would be beneficial to have toggle arrows that allow you to move a highlighted field right within the GUI itself (similar to the arrows on the dashboard prompt editor).

Use Case and Business Need

Having the ability to re-arrange the order of fields within a column selector would allow us to maintain the fields in a categorical way and drastically decrease the time it takes to add new fields to a particular section of the column selector (rather than at the bottom by default).

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  • I am a big proponent for this. For years, we've had to go in and parse through the XML to rearrange long lists of metrics and dimensions that we have in column selector lists. Only some users have the skillset to do this. Even for those that do, this would be a great time savings to easily rearrange things to ensure they're logically grouped - just a simple up/down arrow on the metric/dimension that's listed would be very helpful.

  • Hard to believe that this capability does not exist.