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Autoscaling OAC Instances


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Oracle Cloud Engineer - Strategic Accounts

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OAC Autoscaling - Today, an OAC instance needs to sized properly before deployment and can be scaled manually in OCPUs if it is reaching min/max utilization or seems too overloaded. Each OCPU range sits in bucketed ranges. So, for example, when you need more than 8 OCPUs on any given instance, you need to migrate to a larger, separate instance. This can be a burden. OAC should have true cloud economics

Use Case and Business Need (Required):

  1. My enterprise customer has operations teams (monitoring performance) completely separate from the OAC end user for security reasons. So OAC will be another cloud resource that needs to have management overhead
  2. True cloud economics (pay-for-use) like E3 compute
  3. No other competitor does this so it could be a significant competitive advantage
  4. No sizing will be required
  5. No migration to scale will be required

So between not needing to migrate, size, worry about cloud economics, and less enterprise-grade management, I think this would be a great enhancement to the analytics portfolio

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  • Would love to hear any feedback

  • OAC will generate an est. $100K / month or $1.2M ACR for 3,500 users across the globe running analytics. OAC is OCI's first AI/ML service. We are battling against GCP $500M/10 year deal and AWS $1.2B / 10 year deal. We have delayed OAC deployment by over a year. We need to escalate this enhancement request to 1) beat AWS/GCP and 2) regain OCI / OAC credibility

  • @User711877-Oracle I would agree with that. Our development team's ability to execute our Leaderships's vision & strategy is incredible. This request would bring another level of manageability for the enterprise customer. My current customer will be deploying 10-20 OAC instances in the future and the ability to manage all these becomes exponentially more difficult. But it is the same root problem for all analytics products. This is a small chance for Oracle Analytics to differentiate

  • I can think of many customers who could benefit from OAC autoscaling. Sometimes customers handover the administration to a third party because they only want to work on the platform itself and not deal with "clicking the console". Not to mention the many administrative processes/hurdles within their own organization they'd have to cross to increase/decrease a system's computing power. In such a case, autoscaling makes sense!

  • @Vinod Shivarudrappa-Oracle Yes this is how my customer is set up today. Ops and admin are completely separate from the end user for security and cost management purposes. This silo makes autoscaling a very attractive feature as an enterprise who has 10+ instances will have to monitor, scale, and migrate 10+ instances