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OAC Catalog APIs for Data Visualizations


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Description (Required):

Provide REST APIs for reading objects in the DV catalog

Use Case and Business Need (Required):

Enterprises like Dropbox have complex BI environments (Tableau, OAC, Superset, and other tools) and need a BI Portal that acts as a layer on top of all reporting/dashboarding infrastructure. Metric Insights connects it all together and provides a single point of entry for the business.

Enhancement Request / Service Request:

We would like a modern REST API that returns the following:

  • P1: Structured list of objects as ID and name; object IDs should exactly match what would appear in the URL for embedding. The structure should exactly mirror the hierarchy in the UI, Workbook > Worksheet > Canvas (Data Visualization)
  • P2: Additional metadata about objects:
    • Description
    • Last refresh time
    • Etc -- put simply: return a big JSON blob with all the available metadata for that DV
  • P2: List of Filters and their individual values
  • P3: Filtered images of dashboards (pass in an object ID and set of filter/value pairs, return a PNG image)

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