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Make Calculated Items/Groups features available in DV


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Czech National Bank

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We are currently in the process of "promoting" DV (within our OAS platform) to our business users (who use "classical" BI outputs created in Answers/Dashboards) as a kind of strategical "movement" from classical tools in OAS (Answers/Dashboards - they are familiar with). To be able to allow this "move" from those classical tools, they need to have all "features" they are used to from "classical" tools and are relying on them.

One of those features are Calculated Items and Groups ( - our business users-authors are using it mainly in pivot/ordinary tables and find them as very handy and useful.

So the requirement is to offer same/similar capability also in DV.

Use Case and Business Need (Required):

To allow "gradual transition" of key business users (BI authors) from classical OAS tools (Answers, Dashboards) to more modern DV, having similar capability as Calculated Items/Groups in DV is a must.

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