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PostgreSQL(12.X,13.X) Datasource compatability with Oracle Analytics Server(5.9 & 6.4).


Organization Name (Required - If you are an Oracle Partner, please provide the organization you are logging the idea on behalf of): Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc

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Customer would like to have PostgreSQL version (12.x/13.x) as one of the supported datasource for Oracle Analytics Server(5.9 & 6.4),since the current PostgreSQL version(9.6) which is used as datasource is vulnerable and going to be out of support. They are currently using PostgreSQL 9.6 as datasource for OBIEE As per the certification matrix for OAS, only PostgreSQL 9.x and its minor versions are certified for Oracle Analytics Server.

Use Case and Business Need (Required):

Current PostgreSQL version(9.6) which is used as datasource by the Customer is vulnerable and going to be out of support.

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  • Michal Zima
    Michal Zima ✭✭✭✭✭

    @sivaraman-Oracle . If you check certification matrix for OAS correctly, you can see plus sign after version of PostgresSQL : 9.0+ - this means, that versions 9 and higher are certified. This is how it should be interpreted. But better to have it confirmed by somebody directly from Oracle.

  • PostgresSQL : 9.0+ - this means 9.0, 9.1, 9.2 or 9.1.1 etc.. 9.x supported.

    PostgreSQL version (12.x/13.x) yet to be certified. However, not being certified does not mean not being supported.


    Bala Guddeti

  • Hi ,

    Please let me know if any one tried connecting OBIEE to postgres higher versions like 12.x or 13.x.

  • Hi Team,

    Prioritize the task as the postgres 9.x has reached end of support.

  • Hi Oracle Team,

    OBIEE ( has extended the EOL till 2025.

    Postgres 9.x has reached end of life and is vulnerable.

    Postgres 11.x end of life is Nov-2023.

    Did Oracle development team get a change to work on certifying the Postgres database higher versions?



  • Hi Oracle Team,

     Oracle extend the End of Support for OBIEE till 31-Dec-2025. The Postgres supported version in the certificate matrix is 9.x. The 9.x Postgres version already reached End of Support in Nov-2022.

     We had connected with the Oracle Development team and they have suggested to use the Postgres 11.x version as the version uses the same set of Drivers as 9.x. Now, the Postgres version 11.x reaching end of support in Nov-2023.

     What all the available options to upgrade the Postgres as the Postgres is not extending the End of Support.

     Will Oracle will certify the Postgres latest version 12.x or 13.x with the OBIEE Application( or OAS 6.4

  • Hi Oracle Team,

    How's current status ? Postgres version has already discovered 16.x.

    So, if OAS still support version 9.x only, it is useless for user. Then, when I told this certification info to the application team, they could not cover the disappointment. And they switched other BI solution tool.